Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Mattapoisett, MA. Our family has worked with Nona to both sell and buy a home, and she is, in a word, extraordinary. She is diligent, careful, flexible, and incredibly responsive. The home we purchased last spring was our dream home, where we planned to raise our family and stay long-term, and the nature of the transaction had many unexpected complexities. Nona steered us skillfully through and over each bump in the road. I’m not sure we would be living in this beautiful home, in an excellent school system with limited inventory, had we been working with any other agent– she truly “saved the day” with her negotiating skills. She also has a wide network of community connections, and she is so affable and respected that she was often able to get us information or resources from other sources quickly. Real estate transactions are hard– anywhere where people are combining big dollar amounts and high emotion has got to be stressful- -and Nona did a wonderful job of helping us plan our path forward.