Q: How much down payment do I need for a purchase and sale?

A: 5% down payment is the standard on a Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Q: Do I need to have a home inspection?

A: Yes, a home inspection is very important to determine if a home has any undisclosed problems that were not noticed in the initial walk through.

Q: What is the best way to find out about homes for sale so I don't miss out on any good prospects?

A: Linking up with an Anne Whiting Real Estate agent will give you visibility to all homes the second they hit the market by linking you to MLS. They will also notify you of homes that haven’t hit the market yet so you are the first to know.

Q: How long does a loan usually take to process?

A: About 40 days from when you find a property to the end due to the home inspection and a 30 period of processing your loan.

Q: Are there any special loans that benefit a first time home buyer?

A: A Mass Housing Loan will benefit a low income first time home buyer because it has a reduced PMI. If you lose your job it will cover up to 6 months of your loan. 3% down is mandatory for this program providing you qualify.

Q: Should I escrow my taxes and homeowners insurance to be taken out every month with my mortgage?

A: You must if you do not put 20% down.

Q: What happens if a property gets appraised as lower than what the loan is?

A: The borrower must bring the difference plus their down payment, or the seller will have to reduce their purchase price.

Q: How much should I put as a down payment on my loan?

A: Depending on which loan you qualify will determine what your down payment is.

Q: What is PMI?

A: PMI stands for Private Mortage Insurance and it is just that…you might be required to pay for if you have a conventional loan. This mortgage insurance provides the lender insurance in case your home goes into foreclosure.

Q: I have other debt, is this going to get in the way of me getting pre-qualified or getting a loan in general?

A: This can affect your affordability. It is always important to get pre-qualified due to the fact that the lender goes by your monthly payments rather than your overall debt.

Q: What are the interest rates right now?

A: Interest rates change daily and in order to lock in an interest rate you need to get pre-qualified and have an existing offer on a property. To get this information you should speak to a lender to get the most up to date daily rate.

Q: Can I get extra money out of my loan if the value is higher than the purchase price?

A: No, unless you are doing a rehab loan.

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