Why Curb Appeal Matters

Is your home appealing from the street? Does it stand out from the neighbors or blend right in?

When selling your property you want curb appeal that buyers will notice. Curb appeal is as important as staging your home. If the exterior does not show well a potential buyer will keep driving.

Some simple fixes to improve the curb appeal are:

  • Make sure the front entryway is fresh and clean. It greets the buyer and should make a lasting impression.
  • Place a potted flowering plant near the entryway for some color.
  • Give the front door a fresh coat of paint.
  • Update your mailbox, lighting and the numbers on your house if they are old and worn looking.
  • The lawn should be trimmed and edged.
  • The flowerbeds should be weeded and mulched.
  • Keep the walkways free and clear of any toys or debris.

Make sure your home is the property that stands out. If you take care of the outside buyers will want to see the inside.

First impressions are lasting!




Nona Sbordone

Certified Interior Redecorator and Real Estate Agent