Why Staging Matters

In today’s market, staging has become a vital step in the successful sale of a home. With 90% of buyers searching for their home online, presentation is important. If your home does not show well in photos, it will not pass the initial search online. Staging ensures that buyers online are attracted to your listing and want to view the property.

Statistics show that only 10% of buyers can actually visualize a home’s potential. Many buyers get overwhelmed with seller’s personal belongings and can’t see beyond them. Staging is neutralizing a home’s décor to appeal to as many buyers as possible by de-cluttering, re-positioning or re-purposing existing furniture and accessories to create a neutral look.

Prospective buyers make a decision within seconds of walking through the front door whether the house is right for them. Staging helps to maximize the impact of those critical first moments. This ensures a lasting first impression, which gives you a competitive edge over the competition. Professionally staged properties can also shorten the amount of time your house is on the market and help you earn a higher selling price.

See some before and after photos of Nona’s work on staging homes here or below:


Decorating your home is about personalizing, staging your home is about neutralizing. The sun room appears bigger and brighter by switching out the futon, re-positioning the two rocking chairs and removing some of the personal items. By moving the futon away from the windows you are opening up the space and letting in the natural light.

Removing the rug in the dining area and switching out the red chairs with the neutral beige allows potential buyers to see the overall kitchen rather than bringing your eye directly to the red chairs. It also showcases the beauty of the hardwood floors and gives a softer feel with the upholstered chairs.

Decluttering and neutralizing is a key step in staging. Removing the oriental runner and replacing it with a neutral carpet makes the room feel larger. Removing the coats and hats and simply styling the mud room with a couple key items gives the room a lighter feel. Plants are a great way to incorporate color in a natural way that will not distract people from seeing the overall space. A neutral style will appeal to more buyers.


Nona Sbordone

Certified Interior Redecorator and Real Estate Agent